Discovery and Assessment

Investigation and analysis of current site conditions and regulatory design guidelines.

Site Assessments
Stormwater Master Planning
FEMA Floodplain Assessments

Project Due Diligence & Feasibility
Regulatory Impact Studies
Project Estimating

Project Scheduling
Risk-based (NFR) Determinations

Planning & Entitlement

Preliminary layout and navigation services associated with the public approval process.

Site Planning
Entitlement Coordination
Capital Improvement Program Planning
Municipal Plan Reviews

Municipal Ordinance Services
Project and Zoning Reviews
Conceptual Drainage & Utility Plans
Development Constraints Report

Parking Circulation plans
Utility Planning
Master Infrastructure Studies
Rezoning and Annexation services

Civil Engineering

Preliminary/Final design calculations and preparation of permit Construction Documents.

Civil Engineering & Design
Preliminary and Final Engineering
Site Improvement plans
Site / Mass Grading and Drainage
Erosion Control BMP & SWPPP
Urban, Suburban and Rural streets
Arterial Collector and Local Street
Roadway and Parking Lot Lighting
Transit Facilities and Railroad Crossings

Multi-Use and Bicycle Pathways
Intersection Geometry and Design studies
Water Supply and distribution systems
Reclaimed Water ditch modifications
Sanitary Wastewater Collection systems
Reclaimed Irrigation Design
Stormwater Detention and Retention
Stormwater Collection and Flood Control
Watershed Drainage assessments

Civil Engineering & Coordination
Regulatory Agency reviews
USACE nationwide and Individual Permits
ADEQ and NEPA Documentation
DNR permit Assistance
FEMA Flood Insurance Certifications
Floodplain remediation & mitigation
Bank Stabilization
Cost Analysis
Earthwork analysis

Owner Representative

Customer point of contact services to achieve project goals and objectives.

Contract Administration
Contractor Procurement
Engineer of Record
Resident Engineer

Construction Observation
Design team Management
Public Participation coordination
ROW and Easement Acquisition

Permit Expediting
Constructability Plan Reviews
Value Engineering & QA/QC
Air Quality & Dust Control Compliance

Construction Support

Contractor observation and project close-out coordination.

Site Project Management
Project Close-out Estimates
Contract Administration
Constructability Plan Review

Construction Observation
Estimates & Scheduling
Final Walk-through

Record Drawings
Phasing, Detour & Staging Plans
SWPPP, NPDES documentation

Private Property Services

JUDD Services helps landowners with site assessments and air quality compliance. Click on the button to download a PDF containing more information.

Site Assessment
Certificate of Elevation
Floodplain Assessment
Letter of Map Amendment

Permit Expediting
Dust & Erosion Control
Contract Administration

Contractor Procurement
Construction Observation
Design Team Management