Welcome to JUD Development Services

Our civil engineering customer service professionals share the same core principles. Value the importance of building strong client relationships and appreciate the importance of team accountability in order to become a trusted business partner.

Our clients have come to depend upon our personal service and prompt Discovery, Civil Engineering, Owner Representation and Construction Support services.

We deliver quality service and innovative project solutions as a trusted business partner. Our Management team understands the importance of a focused project approach to find value-initiative solutions to save our clients valuable time, energy, and money.

So even if we’re performing a single service, our goal is to know exactly how the specific service affects the overall success of your project.

Mission Statement

Clients have come to expect proactive service offering and timely creative results from our professional engineers and each member of the service team.

WE ARE a quality personal service provider with engineering expertise.

WE ARE dedicated to long-term client relationships through proactive and frequent communication.

WE ARE committed in our pursuit to find return on investment project solutions.

WE ARE determined to understand our client’s operation matrix and long-term business objectives.

Core Principles

We start with quality service and apply honest principles to build strong business partner relationships!

Quality: We strive for the highest level of quality in the professional services we provide and seek quality of character in ALL members of our team.

Service: Professional client service relationships start with Superior Engineering Responsiveness; Value-Initiative Consulting expertise.

Responsive: The coordination between our clients during the life cycle of any project service contract requires accessibility through prompt and frequent communication.

Integrity: We push boundaries to achieve innovative solutions while we remain grounded to engineering standards and business ethics.

Accountability: We understand our roles and responsibilities and the abilities of other team member by taking ownership of our work.

Relationships: We seek Business partnerships with each client; a partnership built upon mutual trust and respect.

Our Passion

We offer prompt and innovative technical solutions and superior customer service!

We value client relationships, customer service and believe prompt response and communication is the foundation of building long-term business partnerships.

Our clients have come to expect proactive service offering and timely creative results from each team member. Our value-added methodology and initiative management approach is the passion behind every Return on Investment project solution.

Communicate to understand the service-needs of all client, Project and its Community.
Offer prompt and innovative technical solutions and superior customer service.
Respond and communicate proactively during the entire service agreement life-cycle.
Earn the respect of each client and gain their trust as a long-term business partner.

Our People

Associates are mentored to be creative in their service implementation and value the integrity of engineering applications to achieve innovative solutions.

Our professional engineers and associates share a core principle to value the importance of team success and appreciate the importance of individual accountability in order to become a trusted professional in the design consultant industry.

Trusted professionals with high character quality.
Encourage creative and timely project solutions.
Appreciate the importance of team accountability.
Mentor or seek guidance to build team integrity.

Our Process

We listen to your vision to provide creative solutions that meet the needs of our clients, each project, and its community.

We seek to understand then to be understood with our Value-Initiative management approach. We have associates with diversified skill sets and coach creative leadership through technical and business mentorship program.

Prepare and execute strategic service-solution plan for each client.
Listen to client and industry professionals for innovative solutions.
Anticipate change for alternative value added solutions.
Navigate and coordinate timely project solutions.

Our Place

Our CLIENTS and valued associates are the recipients of our SUCCESS.

JUDD Services has successfully combined elements of a goal orientated atmosphere and team-building procedures to create sustainability for our valued associates to achieve a Work-Life balanced environment.

Our management team has a passion to strengthen each member of our team and understands the importance of associate participation within an entrepreneurial environment.

Accomplishment and goal orientated atmosphere.
Resolution conflict in all mentorship strategy.
Entrepreneurial and team-building work culture.
Network resource managerial approach.
Alliance of work, culture, and life balance.

Management Team


John D. Ulibarri, P.E.

John has over 25 years of experience in the public and private civil engineering service industry. His design and leadership methodology comes from his experience as a business owner, developer, design consultant and a municipal engineer. John is a 1986 graduate of the University of Arkansas with a Bachelors of Science-Civil Engineering degree and in 1992 received his first professional engineer license. His personal attention has proven to be an effective partner to clients and projects from all aspects of the discovery, entitlement, design, review and construction phases.

He has managed and designed projects from individual site plans for custom homes to multi-phased master planned communities. John has served as a Zoning Board of Appeals director; Committee Chairman for an Economic Development Association; Free Enterprise Stockholder for the Gilbert Small Business Alliance; and since 2005 supported Save The Family organization.

Executive Vice President

Anthony S. Ulibarri

Anthony received his Bachelors of Science-Environmental degree from Buffalo State College in 2000 and his LEED Green Associate certification in 2009. Anthony has over 20 years of national experience in service and consulting industries extending from New York state to Arizona. His expertise is in areas of project management, customer service and client relations, entitlement process, master planned communities, staff supervision and coaching, civil engineering design and construction observation.

Anthony has been a resident of Colorado for over 10 years and became the Colorado Area Manager in 2010. He manages local business operations and design production. He continues as a project manager for local clients; supervises the technical staff on plan preparation standards and jurisdictional permit application submittals for various projects in the Midwest and southwest regions.

Chief Financial Officer

Christine Bio Photo

Christine Ulibarri, CPA, CCIFP

Christine Ulibarri is a licensed certified public accountant and a certified construction industry financial professional. Christine provides a wide range of tax compliance, consulting and research services in addition to overseeing the financial operations and tax planning of JUD Development Services. Prior to moving to Arizona she was in public accounting in the Chicago area for 18 years working for both national and local firms. Focusing on construction and related service companies, much of her experience has been devoted to advising owners of closely-held businesses on tax planning and compliance, accounting procedures and computer accounting systems.

Christine received her bachelor’s degree of accounting from the University of Arkansas. Christine is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Arizona Society of CPAs. She has also served on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations. Currently Christine is on the board of directors of the American Subcontractor Association of Arizona.