Carolina’s Mexican Food

Carolina’s Mexican Food       Avondale, Arizona

The 7,000 SF free standing restaurant is located at the intersection of Dysart Road and Western Avenue in Avondale.  Site improvements included 2 new commercial access entrances; a combination at-grade & underground retention system; storm water management collection with drywell system and sidewalk streetscape improvements.

Property Existing Condition Assessments, Hydrant fire flow Assessment, Wastewater Capacity Analysis, Water Resource Planning, Preliminary Drainage Report

Detention/Retention site hydraulic calculations, Erosion Control with BMP, Final Engineering Construction Documents, Design Development Plans, Final Site Improvement Plans, Grading & Drainage plan, Fire Line Plan, Stormwater Management Systems, Utility Services Layout, Wastewater Collection Systems, Plan Quantities, Estimate of Probable Cost, Construction Observation, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, Project Close-out certification, As-Built Record Drawings,

ASSOCIATE SERVICES Geotechnical Report, Environmental Phase I Report, Traffic Impact Statement,

TownSquare-Pond (002)

Town Square Redevelopment

Village of Schaumburg      Schaumburg, Illinois

Redevelopment project consisted of the demolition of an existing shopping center at the southwest corner of Schaumburg Road and Roselle Road in Schaumburg. The TIF improvements to the Village owned 20 acre parcel included a 60-foot clock tower, utility infrastructure improvements, a grocery store, retail buildings, and the conversion of an existing pond into a multi-functional park facility. The park included an outdoor Amphitheater, a gazebo, a pedestrian walkway system with bridge, and a pond with a waterfall.


Water main Network Analysis,  Drainage System Restoration  Bid Procurement , Contract Administration, Constructability Reviews, Design Standards, Easement Acquisitions, Permit Facilitation and Compliance, Project Compliance reviews, Project Management – Preconstruction, Public Participation coordination, Regulatory Compliance Review, Underground Utility Coordination, Value Engineering, Construction Coordination Manager, Bid procurement

Harper College-Master Stormwater Report

Harper Community College     Schaumburg, Illinois

The project consisted of the elimination of localized flooding on campus and adjacent private property.  Hydraulic & Hydrology studies were performed to provide design standards for Stormwater management system modifications.  Improvements included site re-grading and ditch conveyance channelization.

Property Condition Assessment, Conceptual Drainage Plan, Development Constraint Report, Master Drainage Studies, Constructability Reviews, Design Standards, Permit Facilitation and Compliance, Project Compliance reviews, Regulatory Compliance Review

Nursing Division Facility – Site Improvements

Village of Schaumburg      Schaumburg, Illinois

The project site design included the expansion and reconfiguration of the existing parking lot. Site improvements included: relocation of site lighting and re surfacing of the facility access road.

Drainage Plan, Site Circulation and Parking, Final Engineering Construction Documents, Bid Procurement, Contract Administration