THE VIG_ perspective

McDowell Mountain Marketplace – The VIG

YAM Properties     Scottsdale, Arizona

Property Condition Assessments, Topographic Design Conditions, Water main Network Analysis, Conceptual Drainage Plan, Conceptual Site Plan and Utility Layout, Preliminary Drainage Report, Slope Stabilization Analysis, Design Development Plans, Final Site Improvement Plans, Fire Line Plan, FAA Avigation Easement, Right of Way Exhibits, Stormwater Management Systems, Utility Services Layout, Wastewater Collection Systems, Plan Quantities, Easement Acquisition, Construction Observation, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, ALTA/Boundary Survey, Map of Dedication, Geotechnical Report,

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center

Mira Bella Builders      Goodyear, Arizona

The 6,100-SF stand alone building for The Wellness Center was designed to assist individuals with special needs in rehabilitation and wellness training by qualified professionals.  The design includes solar panel shade awnings along the front of the building to reduce the carbon footprint

Services included: Property Condition Assessments, Risk-based (NFR) Determinations, Topographic Design Conditions,  Final Site Improvement Plans, Fire Line Plan, Stormwater Management Systems, Utility Services Layout, Plan Quantities, Estimate of Probable Cost, Permit Facilitation, Permit Facilitation, Construction Observation, Storm water Pollution Prevention Plan, Record Drawings.

Running Horse at Arrowhead

Running Horse at Arrowhead

Professional Development Services      Peoria, Arizona

The Running Horse at Arrowhead HOA and property management company needed a preliminary site assessment to determine the proper course of action to create additional open-space within the largest common area corridor.  An existing hardscape water feature and subsequent retention storage requirements along the entire length of the main open corridor restricted the recreational use for the residents within the single-family gated community.

Topographic Design Conditions, Preliminary Storm water Site Assessment



345 Villas

One Green Development                 Mesa, Arizona

The in-fill revitalization project consisted of 17 townhome units with attached 2-car garage and individual rear yards.  The site amenities included a recreational area with ramada and a shared secondary access to accommodate the proposed site circulation and existing access conditions of the adjacent properties.  The 2 multi-story buildings included front and rear patios.

Site Due Diligence, Project Feasibility, Property Condition Assessments, Topographic Design Conditions, Water main Network Analysis, Hydrant Flow AssessmentConceptual Drainage Plan, Conceptual Site Plan and Utility Layout, Development Constraint Reports, Site Circulation, Parking Analysis, Wastewater Capacity Analysis, Preliminary Drainage Report, Budget Bid Procurement, Easement Acquisition coordination, Entitlement Coordination, Public Participation Coordination

ASSOCIATE SERVICES ALTA/Boundary Survey, Geotechnical Report



Kampgrounds of America – Infrastructure Improvements

Neil Borkan-Developer       Iron River, Michigan

Roadway and utility infrastructure improvements on a 1,200-acre parcel for a proposed campground facility with a Main Guard Station, Motel, Clubhouse, Cabin area, RV area, and Tent area.  Design services included: sanitary and water main extensions; Mass grading plan; Rural collector road infrastructure and service access aisle to various facility areas; parking lots and site circulation, Open-ditch storm water management system, and the preparation of final construction documents, details and specifications. Contact: Neil Borkan, 1020 Milwaukee AVE Suite 360, Deerfield, IL

Property Condition Assessments, Conceptual Drainage Plan, Conceptual Utility main and service Layouts, Site Circulation, Wastewater Capacity Analysis, Wastewater Master Planning, Water Master Planning, Water Resource Planning, Preliminary Drainage Report, Preliminary Engineering, Final Engineering Construction Documents, Stormwater Management Systems, Utility Services Layout, Wastewater Collection Systems, Wastewater interceptor improvements, Water Distribution Systems, Water Network Analysis, Water Transmission Mains, Drainage System Restoration, Plan Quantities, Estimate of Probable Cost


Greenway Village Center

ServiceStar Development        Bolingbrook, Illinois

A Return on Investment solution for this 20-acre Mixed-Use Office/Retail Center included the mitigation of flood waters to reclaim 28% of the site buildable area.  Onsite and offsite  improvements including the design of adjacent roadways, water mains, sanitary and storm sewers, and an Intersection Design Study of IL. Route 59 and 111th Street.  Review agencies included: Village of Bolingbrook, FEMA, Will County DOT, Illinois DOT and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.


Feasibility Report, Floodplain Study, Water main Capacity Analysis, Public Participation coordination, Grading & Drainage Plan, Site and Utility Layout, Site Circulation and Parking, CLOMR-(Conditional Letter of Map Revisions, Detention/Retention Basins, Preliminary Engineering, Final Engineering Construction Documents, Stormwater Management System, Utility Services Layout, Wastewater

TownSquare-Pond (002)

Town Square Redevelopment

Village of Schaumburg      Schaumburg, Illinois

Redevelopment project consisted of the demolition of an existing shopping center at the southwest corner of Schaumburg Road and Roselle Road in Schaumburg. The TIF improvements to the Village owned 20 acre parcel included a 60-foot clock tower, utility infrastructure improvements, a grocery store, retail buildings, and the conversion of an existing pond into a multi-functional park facility. The park included an outdoor Amphitheater, a gazebo, a pedestrian walkway system with bridge, and a pond with a waterfall.


Water main Network Analysis,  Drainage System Restoration  Bid Procurement , Contract Administration, Constructability Reviews, Design Standards, Easement Acquisitions, Permit Facilitation and Compliance, Project Compliance reviews, Project Management – Preconstruction, Public Participation coordination, Regulatory Compliance Review, Underground Utility Coordination, Value Engineering, Construction Coordination Manager, Bid procurement

Lindner Fitness Center

Judson University – Lindner Fitness Center

Judson University      Elgin, Illinois

The design of site improvements were for a new 150,000 square foot recreation facility in the center of the college campus.  Services included the design of utility infrastructure improvements, the design of an access road and the proposed parking lot.

Contact: Joe Evers, City Engineer of Elgin

Site Circulation and Parking, Detention/Retention Basins, Erosion Control and Best Management Practices, Site Renovation, Stormwater Management System, Utility Services Layout, Drainage System Public Participation coordination, Final Engineering Construction Documents

Willow Creek Church – 7,300-seat Auditorium

Willow Creek Church     Barrinton, Illinois

The onsite and offsite site improvements for the new auditorium and office/classroom wing included the conversion of an existing deep & shallow well system to a proposed potable Water Main System with booster station and 2,600 linear feet of offsite water main.  The building additions required the relocation of existing utilities; the reconfiguration of access and parking facilities; capacity analysis and existing lift station pump modifications; and a water network analysis of the municipal system.

Gross/Pasma Blomquist Architects. Pepper Construction. Contact Scott Troeger, 847-765-0100

Property Condition Assessment, Conceptual Utility Layout, Development Constraint Report, Wastewater Capacity Analysis, Wastewater Master Planning, Water Master Planning, Final Engineering Construction Documents, Utility Services Layout, Wastewater Collection System, Wastewater Lift Station, Water Distribution System, Water Network Analysis, Regulatory Compliance Review

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories – Campus Access Road Investigation

Abbott Laboratories       Abbott Park, Illinois

The Research & Development campus Master plan required site investigation services to establish roadway alignments for proposed access road improvements and main entrance modifications for future vehicle level of service..  The campus is located at 100 Abbott Park Road.

Topographic Site Conditions, Conceptual Drainage Plan, Conceptual Roadway alignment, Site Circulation and Parking, Preliminary Engineering