GO AZ Motorcycles

GO AZ Motorcycles

K&I Architects | Interiors     Peoria, Arizona

The site improvements for the redevelopment of a 16,500 SF commercial facility and a proposed 10,700 SF building expansion included site circulation, parking and storm water management enhancements. The storm water ROI solutions for the hardscape intensive project resulted in the utilization of a multi-tier landscape basin configuration and underground storage system.  Architectural site elements were incorporated to maximize the quality of the site design.

Property Condition Assessments, Hydrant Flow Assessment, Preliminary Drainage Report, Detention/Retention Basins, Erosion Control with BMP, Final Site Improvement Plans, Stormwater Management Systems, Drainage System Restoration, Plan Quantities, Permit Facilitation


Leslie’s Pool Headquarters

Tomecak Design       Phoenix, Arizona

Property Condition Assessments, Design Development Plans, Final Site Improvement Plans, Fire Line Plan, Right of Way Exhibits, Stormwater Management Systems, Utility Services Layout, Plan Quantities, Construction Observation, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, Record Drawings,



Wolters Kluwer Financial – Campus Improvements

Wolters Kluwer Financial       Riverwoods, Illinois

A building expansion of the corporate campus required investigation and design of storm water drainage and vehicle capacity modifications.  Site Improvements included a 300-car parking lot expansion, Hydraulic analysis of the existing campus drainage system, reconstruction of the signalized campus entrance and offsite roadway widening of Lake Cook Road.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Drainage Study, Floodplain investigation, Property Condition Assessment, Drainage Plan, Site Circulation and Parking, Detention/Retention Basins, SWPPP and Best Management Practices, Right of Way Exhibits, Stormwater Management System, Drainage System Restoration, Final Engineering Construction Documents

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories – Campus Access Road Investigation

Abbott Laboratories       Abbott Park, Illinois

The Research & Development campus Master plan required site investigation services to establish roadway alignments for proposed access road improvements and main entrance modifications for future vehicle level of service..  The campus is located at 100 Abbott Park Road.

Topographic Site Conditions, Conceptual Drainage Plan, Conceptual Roadway alignment, Site Circulation and Parking, Preliminary Engineering