345 Villas


One Green Development                 Mesa, Arizona

The in-fill revitalization project consisted of 17 townhome units with attached 2-car garage and individual rear yards.  The site amenities included a recreational area with ramada and a shared secondary access to accommodate the proposed site circulation and existing access conditions of the adjacent properties.  The 2 multi-story buildings included front and rear patios.

Site Due Diligence, Project Feasibility, Property Condition Assessments, Topographic Design Conditions, Water main Network Analysis, Hydrant Flow AssessmentConceptual Drainage Plan, Conceptual Site Plan and Utility Layout, Development Constraint Reports, Site Circulation, Parking Analysis, Wastewater Capacity Analysis, Preliminary Drainage Report, Budget Bid Procurement, Easement Acquisition coordination, Entitlement Coordination, Public Participation Coordination

ASSOCIATE SERVICES ALTA/Boundary Survey, Geotechnical Report


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